Coming Soon!!! Will be offering a restoration service along with new custom reproduction harnesses for your Sweptline.

  • New aftermarket 61-68 Bulkhead connector upgrade
  • New Solid State Fuel and Temp Gauge Voltage Regulators
  • Electronic Ignition engine harnesses for Mopar Perfomance Kit
  • 1970 Isolated Field and Electronic voltage regulator upgrade
  • Amp gauge to Voltage gauge conversion.

Fuel Gauge Voltage Regulators!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been working on an upgrade to convert the mechanical voltage regulator for all the stock gauges to an electronic regulator. I have the regulator working great now and all the bugs worked out.

I'll be shooting a video to show the upgrade and how it works.

If your interested in having your gauge upgraded, Right now, I'm offering to convert your stock fuel gauge to electronic, this will correct any needle pulsing in your gauges and the typical gauge spike when you first turn your ignition on. 

Send me your original gauge, I'll disassemble your gauge, install the new regulator, test and re-calibrate, reassemble and send it back to you. 

Feel free to contact me for details and pricing.