I offer other custom restoration and rebuilding services for parts.

Feel free to Contact me for inquires on rebuilding and testing.

I also have a pretty extensive library of literature to help with any decoding or verifying specific or special truck equipment.

  • Door Hinge Rebuilding

        Send us your hinges and I will machine your arms and brackets and install new pins and add replaceable bronze oilite bushings.

                                             $300.00 for both Doors

This does not include return Shipping, I use Flat-Rate shipping for $20.10 anywhere in the US.

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  • Gauge Testing

        Send me your gauges and I now have testing equipment to test your original gauges. I'm now offering testing and NEW electronic voltage limiter upgrade to your original Fuel Gauge.  

                                             Contact for Pricing and Details

  • Custom Electronic Distributor Building
  • Stock Electronic and Points Distributor Rebuilding

I'm now offering complete Chrysler Electronic and Stock Points Distributor rebuilding for all V8 engines small block's and big block's. 

Custom Recurving, Machine testing, Mechanical Advance limiting and Adjustable Vacuum Advance.

I have limited supplies of used rebuildable distributors, but I'm continuously building my inventory up, to offer replacement distributors in the near future.

NOTE: The custom builds are only for Chrysler Electronic Systems, I do not use any unilite, pertronix or GM distributor module type conversions as they are not performance based ignitions or compatible with Chrysler Electronic Ignition systems. I only use 1973 and up off the shelf Chrysler ignition distributor components.

Cost and Pricing is based on each project and Parts needed.

This is a factory 413 single points type distributor I modified and converted to electronic ignition. 

The last photo is a customer's distriubtor being setup with a custom curve.

!!! Coming Soon!!!

  • Hood Hinge Rebuilding Service
  • Carter Carburetor Rebuilding Service